Alternate programming

Came across a truly strange artifact on TV last night, while taking a breather from war coverage on RAI: the ‘Whacketts’ episode of Max Headroom, a now-quaint cyberpunk TV series from ’87 which lasted a whole 12 episodes.

In retrospect, while Max Headroom’s dystopian production design may have been a ripoff of Blade Runner (hell, what isn’t, these days?), I think it’s still safe to say the series was way ahead of its time.

Yet as for why it’s still in rotation, in a somewhat decent timelsot (11ish), on a terrestrial broadcast network some 16 years after its cancellation in the U.S., I can’t say. Though the syn on the Italian dub is remarkably well done – as always.

antenna picture

antennae from vicolo del farinone terrazza

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