Cambridge Days

Back to the blogstone

Hey! You know the one restaurant in town that never seems to make it? The name changes, menus shuffled somewhat, day-glo vinyl banners proclaim Grand Reopenings, Under New Management, and so forth… just for a few months, until everything goes dark, again?

Yep, and so it goes with this oft-mothballed blog. Still the same management, alas, but other items are moving around – us, namely – as we’re translocating to England.

It’s a year move, at least, and we’re allowed just four suitcases. All empty, at the moment, save for a single frying pan that’s nestled in one. (Experience has taught us that most furnishings can be cheaply IKEA’d across Europe; obtaining well-seasoned, hard-anodized kitchenware is another story.)

Our saucepan might be a nice addition, too, but unlikely. I briefly considered wearing one, Johnny-Appleseed-style, right onto the plane. (“What ma’am? This? Oh, it’s my Calphalon Safety Helmet. They say Chairman Kaga wears one made of gold, you know.”) But then, what if the overhead luggage spot is full? It’s hard enough to sleep in Coach Class, as is… could be uncomfortable.

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