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    I’m entering B-school with one eye open. See, Mod gave me a Daruma on our last visit to Oakland. It’s a Japanese thing, Daruma, a paper-mache figurine of the monk Bodhidharma.…

  • Cambridge Days

    Shaun of the Dead, Ian Brown Solarized

    We just rented ‘Shaun of the Dead’, which proudly bills itself as ‘a romantic comedy, with zombies’. Unlike most movies, it actually delivers on that promise. Az laughed, I found it…

  • Cambridge Days

    Battleship Potemkin Remixed

    I steeled myself for my upcoming capitalist indoctrination (B-school starts next week) by watching ‘Battleship Potemkin’ on Sunday. The movie, in fine socialist form, was free for the masses – it played…

  • 2004 photo of Kettle's Yard
    Cambridge Days

    Kettle’s Yard

    Just north of the Cam, past Magdalene College, is Kettle’s Yard. From four 17th and 18th century cottages, Jim and Helen Ede built foundations for a single house, and a singular…

  • footpath to cambridge sign
    Cambridge Days

    Grantchester, The Orchard

    All it takes is a little Murphy’s law: the day after local papers led with “WETTEST SUMMER IN 50 YEARS”, this place starts feeling like California. In a sunshine-y sense, that…