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  • Family Salish Sea

    Fourth Quarter, 2020

    Haven’t been motivated to write much, this year (obviously), but lately I’ve a nagging notion to put pen to paper.  Put word to thought, pixel to screen, as 2020’s finale looms…

  • plane engine and freeways
    Salish Sea


    Another week, another turn of the crank.  I’m outbound, and more so than usual, going from ferries to flights to freeways for a busy week in California. Non-stop motion seems to…

  • sunset on waldron
    Salish Sea


    Once people hear where, the next question so often is, “Why?” I try to answer, but sense that I never do a particularly great job of it. There is an answer,…

  • Salish Sea

    Begin Again

    It’s been a long time since I blogged.  A decade-plus in which even the word “blog” seemingly went bankrupt, losing the pre-Facebook relevance and riches it so confidently owned, back in the Noughties.  It’s 2015, now, a punchy, Lomo-filtered landscape where thought and expression…