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    Ruin-Japan That’s ‘ruin’, the noun, not the verb – no kaiju here, though a few of the beautifully dilapidated buildings look to have received the ol’ Mothra remodel in the 60’s.…

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    The Fodor’s Guide Rule

    The Fodor’s Guide Rule (“In the course of your adventure you will visit one desert city, one port town, one mining town, one casino city, one magic city (usually flying), one…

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    Ursula’s Way

    Ursula K. LeGuin, who I always loved for her Earthsea series, also wrote a fine rendition of the Tao Te Cheng. I say ‘rendition’, as it’s more loosely interpreted than most…

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    Twisty Little Passages

    “Down From the Top of Its Game” is a neat, in-depth analysis into the story of Infocom, Inc. Neat, at least, to those who know/care/remember what Infocom was……

  • Webmonkey Days


    So I’ve been playing another old-school text adventure – this time, one called ‘Christminster’ – which you can grab on this page, along with plenty of other Infocom-style games. Christminster is…