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  • pitcher of Pimm's
    Cambridge Days

    Of Pimm’s, Punts, and Pembroke.

    There’s a correlation between sunny weather and Pimm’s consumption, in these parts. Or maybe it’s causality. I’d never heard of Pimm’s before landing in Cambridge. And based on my fall and winter,…

  • Cambridge Days

    Magdalene formal hall

    Friday marked my first formal hall at Magdalene. It’s a tricky event to describe without dipping into Harry Potter comparisons – I mean, where else do you find long rows of…

  • photo of vatican easter mass, 2003

    Restaurant touts vs. fresh peas

    Walking back from the outdoor market at Andrea Doria, Azure and I were accosted by a restaurant tout. With folded red napkins over one arm, and laminated English-language picture menus tucked…

  • Rome

    Da Cesare roma

    Hostaria ‘da Cesare’ is Rome’s equivalent to SF’s ‘Tadich Grill’ – a restaurant oddly immune to time, monumental certainly, but too slammed with customers to bother acting chic. The waiters here…

  • Pasticceria Valzani SNC

    Pasticceria Valzani chocolate eggs

    We picked up a big chocolate egg today, from my favorite candy shop in town, cioccolateria Valzani, a slightly-worn mom-and-pop affair (well, grandmom-and-pop, these days) tucked away on Via del Moro,…