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  • Cambridge Days

    Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

    About a month ago, I finished Susanna Clarke’s “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”, though I didn’t really put the book to rest for three weeks after. It’s a massive tome; I…

  • Cambridge Days

    Battleship Potemkin Remixed

    I steeled myself for my upcoming capitalist indoctrination (B-school starts next week) by watching ‘Battleship Potemkin’ on Sunday. The movie, in fine socialist form, was free for the masses – it played…

  • antenna picture

    Alternate programming

    Came across a truly strange artifact on TV last night, while taking a breather from war coverage on RAI: the ‘Whacketts’ episode of Max Headroom, a now-quaint cyberpunk TV series from…

  • Webmonkey Days


    Rob Swigart’s ’Portal: A Dataspace Retrieval’, originally published as an ‘interactive novel’ back in ’86, has been migrated to the web, complete with Commodore-era graphics. I’m also fond of the (subsequent)…

  • Webmonkey Days


    “I dreamt music” : Yamaha CS80’s and late ‘70’s analog / voltage-controlled synths, to be precise… While Vangelis’ textured soundscape to Blade Runner has long been recognized as a groundbreaking electronic…