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  • borgo pio sunset


    …and so it’s a 5am cab ride to Fiumicino, her eyes closed and dreaming to the taxi dispatcher’s lullaby, who is calling over and over for cinque cinque or quaranta sei, with…

  • espresso bar sign, rome

    Recent heat

    The heat, as singer/songwriter Glenn Frey once observed, is on. It’s been day after day of inhospitably high temps, 30’s C & 90’s F, but the whallop of humidity, stickily slathered across…

  • Fiat 500 (Cinquecento)

    Second breakfast, sizing issues

    Remember how Pippin wails, “But what about second breakfast?” at Aragorn in Lord of The Rings? That line’s our new in-joke about italian cappuccino. Okay, so it’s not particularly novel to…

  • lambretta motorino, rome, italy

    Vespas, parakeets, and (web)monkeys

    The pet store behind the market has a parakeet who screeches “Ciao!!” when you walk in the door. He’ll say other stuff in Italian, too. And for some reason, this impresses…

  • Rome

    Pinguino air conditioner

    The big news of late: our little ’Pinguino’ just got delivered. You see, old italian palazzos like ours lack internal HVAC infrastructure (obviously), but some still avoid the brutish business of…

  • barbiere sign

    Odd haircut

    How’s this for a gripping opening line: “Yesterday, i had the oddest haircut.” Let me qualify that, then: I’ve had my fair share of curious coifs back home – attributable to…

  • Rome

    Elswick Envoy

    Remember J.F. Sebastian’s little car in Blade Runner? The one not unlike a mini airport-shuttle van conversion, which Syd Mead had remodeled and re-shaped with his trademark rhomboid angles? I did…