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    …and so it’s a 5am cab ride to Fiumicino, her eyes closed and dreaming to the taxi dispatcher’s lullaby, who is calling over and over for cinque cinque or quaranta sei, with promises of prenotazione and passegieri, until you’re suddenly both awake and there already, hurriedly hauling this thrown-together luggage set, a total of just 3 bags, but in sum nearly a year, and almost a home.

    ciao roma.

  • espresso bar sign, rome

    Recent heat

    The heat, as singer/songwriter Glenn Frey once observed, is on. It’s been day after day of inhospitably high temps, 30’s C & 90’s F, but the whallop of humidity, stickily slathered across…

  • Fiat 500 (Cinquecento)

    Second breakfast, sizing issues

    Remember how Pippin wails, “But what about second breakfast?” at Aragorn in Lord of The Rings? That line’s our new in-joke about italian cappuccino. Okay, so it’s not particularly novel to…

  • lambretta motorino, rome, italy

    Vespas, parakeets, and (web)monkeys

    The pet store behind the market has a parakeet who screeches “Ciao!!” when you walk in the door. He’ll say other stuff in Italian, too. And for some reason, this impresses…

  • Rome

    Pinguino air conditioner

    The big news of late: our little ’Pinguino’ just got delivered. You see, old italian palazzos like ours lack internal HVAC infrastructure (obviously), but some still avoid the brutish business of…

  • barbiere sign

    Odd haircut

    How’s this for a gripping opening line: “Yesterday, i had the oddest haircut.” Let me qualify that, then: I’ve had my fair share of curious coifs back home – attributable to…

  • Rome

    Elswick Envoy

    Remember J.F. Sebastian’s little car in Blade Runner? The one not unlike a mini airport-shuttle van conversion, which Syd Mead had remodeled and re-shaped with his trademark rhomboid angles? I did…

  • Rome

    Vatican railway

    The other night, walking around the Vatican’s walled borders, we came across an overpass I’d noticed before, but never given any thought. There’s a flight of stairs leading to the top,…