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    Metadata: FOAF, RDF and geourl

    This blog now seems to be officially shuttered for the summer. ‘Cause it’s sunny out. Elsewhere, though, there’s this: Metadata, Mark II, an overview of some nifty metadata technologies. Update, 2008:…

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    Computer afficionados seeking an oh-so-romantic date night might consider an evening spent soldering His N’ Hers’ GameBoy lightshields, including the requisite trip to RadioShack for white LED #276-320 . (Both of ours now…

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    Meet Audrey: a conglomeration of the command line and the curvaceous, the ubercute and the Unix-y. And while ’Audrey Hacking’ may sound like ‘her’ full name, it’s actually the definitive guide…

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    Twisty Little Passages

    “Down From the Top of Its Game” is a neat, in-depth analysis into the story of Infocom, Inc. Neat, at least, to those who know/care/remember what Infocom was……