• Cambridge Days SoCal

    Where the sidewalk ends

    Home, for us, is a dynamic variable. Its current state would seem to be “California”. As such, there are friends and family and sun back in our lives now, all of…

  • 2004 photo of Kettle's Yard
    Cambridge Days

    Kettle’s Yard

    Just north of the Cam, past Magdalene College, is Kettle’s Yard. From four 17th and 18th century cottages, Jim and Helen Ede built foundations for a single house, and a singular…

  • footpath to cambridge sign
    Cambridge Days

    Grantchester, The Orchard

    All it takes is a little Murphy’s law: the day after local papers led with “WETTEST SUMMER IN 50 YEARS”, this place starts feeling like California. In a sunshine-y sense, that…

  • picture of late-90's in-flight movie screen
    Cambridge Days

    Back to the blogstone

    Hey! You know the one restaurant in town that never seems to make it? The name changes, menus shuffled somewhat, day-glo vinyl banners proclaim Grand Reopenings, Under New Management, and so…